From scooters to ski pants, from white lipstick to winkle pickers, STARK RAVING MOD! is a celebration of the 60s-revival Mod subculture in 1980s Australia.

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Getting down to Melbourne that long weekend was a case of anyway, anyhow and planes, trains and automobiles. But most Sydney Mods jumped on board the chartered Hornsby coach, nicknamed the “Magic Bus”, which left Central on Thursday night.

The mood was a mix of excitement and “Here we go! Here we go!”. Because we were all so young, the tour had an air of a school excursion – with fishtail parkas as our school uniform, but no teachers.

The Mod passengers soon settled down after an hour or three. Some were drinking beer, smoking away and clowning around up the back of the bus, others just quietly getting blotto in their seats with a bottle of Scotch.

One of the drawbacks of a small scene is that you have to constantly see your exes, and some Mods looked a tad uncomfortable being trapped in a bus for 12 hours watching their exes cavorting with their new love interests.

Someone brought a clunky but tinny cassette player and played music till the battery finally went flat. But most people by the early morning were trying to get some shut-eye on that overnight trip down the old Hume. They had it sussed and were saving their energy for the wild weekend ahead.