From scooters to ski pants, from white lipstick to winkle pickers, STARK RAVING MOD! is a celebration of the 60s-revival Mod subculture in 1980s Australia.

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This was one of the flyers for the Melbourne Mod Invasion that first appeared in the top bar of the Sussex in early 81. Among the promised highlights for the trip were: “3 gigs in 4 days, parties, scooter runs, girls, girls, crows*, girls, crows, crows, crows”. This along with the flyer pic of the Brighton riots would have the Sydney Mods believe they were going to “fight them on the beaches” rather than follow their fave bands on tour over an Easter holiday weekend.

A buzz of excitement started to grow, and further promos started to pop up in Mod fanzines like Sept Jours and Shake n Shout.

Members of The Sets, SnS and their cohorts organised and promoted this event, which would include a hired coach to take people down there, super cheap accommodation deals and info on shipping scooters.

An armada of twelve or more scooters were to be railed to Melbourne for the Invasion. Memories are hazy, but I think among these were: Skid, Bones, Wilbur, Bill Posters, Don Hosie, Kerry, Glyn, Brett Newbury, Steve Dettre and Suave Jimmy. We organised to ride down during the week to Darling Harbour to load the scooters onto the train. Back then Darling Harbour, which was directly opposite the Sussex at the bottom of Liverpool Street, was a large rail goods yard, still owned by State Rail. It was chaotic trying to find the right freight carriage, but finally the scooters were loaded and sandwiched into the carriage. That was the last we would see of them until Good Friday at Spencer Street Station.

Almost the entire Sydney Mod scene planned on making it to Melbourne that long weekend. It was the Happening event of the year and not to be missed. Be there or be square.

*Crows = punks

PS: If anyone has any other memories to share about the lead-up to the event, please feel free to leave a comment.

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